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The World is called Asger.

Asger is a moon orbiting a super-massive planet that orbits a giant yellow sun. The people of Asger call the planet a moon, given the name of Modor.

Beyond that Asger is an Earth-like planet with similar gravity and atmosphere. The main difference between the two is the Great Tide.

The Great Tide
A 10 year tidal shift. Asgeir is in a 10-year orbit around Modor, and the oceans are slowly shifting – changing every 5 years.

There have been people on Asgeir for more than 20,000 years. Humans who migrated from Earth. The colonized the planet, bring thousands of familiar life forms with them – animals, insects and plants.

For a time they had a thriving, high-tech world, until disaster struck and the God fell to the planet. The ancient astronomers called it an asteroid strike, but the asteroid was was more – it was a God – a powerful cosmic being slain in a battle with an equally powerful being of darkness.

The God slammed into Asgeir, into the main continent of Umbria, and created a cataclysm that wiped out most of the people – millions died in the fallout, only a few thousand humans survived, and all technology and scientific knowledge was lost.

The God remained buried deep in the earth, leaking cosmic energy into the world.

This cosmic energy slowly began to infuse the world and its life, changing and mutating many, giving “magic” powers to others.

The God’s energy is the source of magic on Asgeir.

The God did not die in vain however, he had taken the heart stone of the dark being it fought, thus neutralizing it. But over the millenia, the dark power has gained strength. Enough to begin to influence the material dimensions again. It is looking for the Heart Stone and creating minions to search for it.

The God is also regaining a speck of life, and is pushing the beings of Cambria to take action against the dark.

There are non-human inhabitants on this moon planet. But they have all arisen as a result of fauna and flora mutating from the magic power leaking from the God buried deep under the continent. Some are numerous such as the Ugril – wicked creatures who live in deep dark places And some are rare, such as Faunts – animals like bears or raccoons who have become sentient people with speech and higher thought.

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